The first episode of PORTALS begins in my hometown of Fort Collins, CO. It was here that I first discovered my enjoyment of performing street interviews and without much direction I simply began asking people what they thought I should make a documentary about. As I look back on this recording many years later I see a very innocent joy, such a genuine novelty. It is only now, almost four years later, that the clarity of that novelty is so clear.

So often we are told that we must define, choose, narrow, organize, and - in the end - make sense of scattered pieces. We are asked to turn our lives into a series of thesis statements. Accessible. Digestible. Simple. I do not believe reality can be so easily swallowed. In September of 2015 I drove my truck east across northern america with a microphone.

The Blue Truck

You are a portal into another world. I am a portal into another world. We are portals. What portals do you wish to open? I am pulled forwards by energy that I cannot explain. Like our own ancestors origin, the origin of what is pulling me is up to the imagination to decide. The following is a glimpse of what was captured in the first three months it took to drive from Colorado to Florida. Thank you to all those I was lucky enough to meet.

In the midst of those first three months, I spent some time in Atlanta, Georgia. It was here that I had a spark of inspiration for street interviews and an afternoon wandering the streets of Atlanta produced the following mash of opinions.


I ended up in Tampa, Florida for many months working at a motion graphics studio. I am working now to organize my thoughts from this point forward.